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What Cleaning is Needed After Ceiling Leaks in Orlando Homes?

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

water puddles in living room; sofa in background When water damages your upholstery, SERVPRO can help. We use the leading industry practices to restore your possessions.

Multiple Surface Cleaning Strategies can Benefit Water-Damaged Orlando Properties

Ceiling leaks can be a widespread threat to a home, especially with the damage they can cause to building materials over time. After controlled demolition and through the reconstruction often necessary after, there are several cleaning steps required.

Are Water Cleanup Steps Necessary? 

When water cleanup for Orlando homes is needed, we have several strategies to help, including:

  • Wall Surface Cleaning – Surface layer dust, debris, and discoloration are possible in water damage situations. We have potent cleaning products to wipe and scrub these surfaces. 
  • Carpet Cleaning – Persistent ceiling leaks can affect a large area of carpet below, resulting in the same time of marking and staining present on the drywall. Deluxe cleaning with our advanced hot water extraction techniques can restore the vibrancy of dulled carpets. 
  • Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning – we have specifically certified technicians trained in Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning (UFT) to help after water damage leaves its mark on particular textiles.

With efficient cleaning solutions, we can make water damage “Like it never even happened.” Call SERVPRO of South Orange County today at (407) 226-2621.

What Proprietary Cleaning Measures Remediate Orlando Residential Mold?

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

hand pulling wallpaper back to expose mold Are you seeing signs of mold in your home? Call SERVPRO!

As a Leading Remediation Team, we Have Advanced Mold Removal Tactics for Orlando Properties

Mold can be an overwhelming presence in Central Florida homes and one that can get out of control without prompt removal and mitigation services. Our SERVPRO professionals can respond quickly, when necessary, to begin mold inspections in the property and determine what materials are affected and the best remediation practices to help.

What Aggressive Cleaning Efforts Remove Mold Damage? 

When mold remediation in Orlando homes is necessary, we have several aggressive techniques to help:

  • Sandblasting– forceful propulsion of sand using compressed air that uses no moisture.
  • Media blasting –Various substances can get used in this process, though commonly, it is sodium bicarbonates or dry ice propelled with blasts of pressurized air to destroy mold organisms.
  • Sponge Pressure Cleaning - Similar to media blasting, this process is less abrasive to the underlying substrate by using sponges in place of harder media, with a great rate of absorption of the unwanted fungi and debris.

With advanced cleaning and recovery tactics available for mold-damaged properties, our SERVPRO of South Orange County has become a leading remediation team. When you suspect mold might exist in your home, call us for an inspection (407) 226-2621.

What Water Damage Mitigation Steps Help Orlando Homes?

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

water spots on ceiling Water can affect all areas of your home. SERVPRO has the tools and equipment to locate hidden moisture and correct the issue.

Fast Action Prevents the Spread of Water Damage Effects to the Rest of an Orlando Property

Before any of our SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) can create designated workspaces for desiccants and other drying tools to work, we must first establish where moisture has migrated and the current scope of the damage to the property. Dampness and moisture detection often relies on a combination of instruments, including:

  • Surface moisture meter
  • Hygrometers
  • Thermal imagery

Creating a Drying Zone for Efficient Water Damage Restoration

Using containment measures with the established moisture boundaries, we have the appropriate starting point for water damage mitigation in Orlando homes. By creating a drying zone using plastic sheeting and other non-physical barriers, we can stop the spread of moisture to different materials and areas. This process also gives our SERVPRO team a better grasp of regulating drying principles like humidity, temperature, and airflow in this confined space.

Between initial water damage mitigation steps and the water damage repairs often necessary after moisture exposure, we have skilled professionals ready to help when you need it. Our SERVPRO of South Orange County response team is prepared 24/7 at (407) 226-2621.

What Should I Do About the Storm Flood Damage in My Orlando Bungalow?

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged home Storm damage to your home can be very messy. SERVPRO has the equipment and technology for any size job.

SERVPRO Can Help You With the Storm-Based Flood Damage in Your Orlando Home!

For the locals of Florida, storms are a usual and expected event. Some locals are even used to living through seasonal hurricanes. Fortunately, there are professionals nearby that you and other Orlando locals can depend on when a storm gets dicey. 

Visualize flood damage striking your Orlando home. An intense gust of wind, moving faster than most cars on the highway, forces your windows open and allows water to pelt inside. Over the next several hours, or even more, than a day, as the storm rages on, your home suffers. Here at SERVPRO, we can offer you the following services to help your home through the storm damage:

  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Water Clean Up
  • Leaking Roof From Storms
  • Water Removal Services
  • Ceiling Repairs From Water Damage

Our SERVPRO technicians can arrive at your home with many advanced technological devices at their disposal. To remove water, they can deploy the use of wet/dry vacuums and extractors. After, they can break out drying equipment so that your home's humidity levels can be restored to an acceptable level. Our goal is to help you prevent microbial growth and go back to living "Like it never even happened." 

If you need help with flood damage in your home, get it right now! Get in touch with SERVPRO of South Orange County by dialing (407) 226-2621. We are flood damage experts!

Who Can Help Me With Commercial Fire and Smoke Mitigation in Orlando?

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

fire damage commercial building Don't let a fire stop business. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for any size fire damage property.

SERVPRO is Your Best Choice For Orlando Fire and Smoke Mitigation! 

When your business needs expert fire and smoke mitigation assistance, you need that help as soon as possible. At SERVPRO, we base our schedule around yours. We're available twenty-four seven because we know accidents don't time themselves conveniently for you. 

Our SERVPRO technicians are local Orlando fire and smoke mitigation experts. From day one, training begins, and it doesn't stop. We use advanced technology and keep our IICRC certified technicians up-to-date on the newest fire damage restoration techniques. If your business needs the following services, contact us today!: 

  • Water & Fire Damage Restoration
  • Fire Restoration
  • Smoke Damage Remediation 

When you call for our help, we immediately begin the process of getting to you. Once our technicians are at your property, we can start an investigation and then remediation. If your property is heavily smoke-damaged, we can use the following advanced technological devices to help reduce the malodor.

  • Thermal Foggers
  • Hydroxyl Generators
  • Axial Fans
  • Odor-Reducing Priming Paint 

Here at SERVPRO, we care about helping you through your time of crisis. Please don't become a business that closes its doors and never reopens. Let us help you return a smile to your customer's faces. 

Never wait to get help. Communicate with SERVPRO of South Orange County by dialing (407) 226-2621. We're here for you. 

Local Flood Damage Mitigation Services in Orlando!

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

ceiling damage from storm Water damage done to your home from a storm is no easy task. SERVPRO has the manpower for any size job needed.

Don't Wait For Help When It Comes to Flood Damage in Your Orlando Home! 

Orlando is the 23rd largest metropolitan city in the United States and attracts many visitors each year for its scenic looks and long history. In fact, the city is even nicknamed "the City Beautiful," which pays tribute to some of the breathtaking locations in the city, such as the Lake Eola Fountain. 

Orlando Facts: 

If you are going to make a trip to Orlando, it is important to read up before you book your trip so you know where to visit and what to see. Furthermore, you might impress some Florida locals if you know a little trivia about one of the jewels of the state.

  • Orlando is in the "sunbelt" of Florida and rapidly began to grow during 1970
  • In 2015, the University of Central Florida was the largest campus in the United States 
  • Orlando is the home of Walt Disney World Resort, a world-renowned vacation destination in the United States 

Notable Figures: 

There are many notable people from Orlando who have all made their marks on history. Some people worth looking into include: 

  • Joey Fatone: Fatone is a member and a singer in the boy band, 'N Sync
  • Johnny Damon: Damon is an MLB outfielder who has played for the Kansas City Royals, Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox, and many others
  • Adam Scherr: Scherr is a famous wrestler known for being a part of the WWE 
  • Suzy Berhow: Berhow is an internet celebrity and businesswoman known for her work with the comedy Youtube show Game Grumps 

Orlando Flood Damage Remediation Services? 

While storms may come hand-in-hand with living anywhere in Florida, it does not mean you can't seek help when one does damage to your residence. The best thing you can do when it comes to remediating flood damage in your Orlando home is to reach out for professional help. Here at SERVPRO, we specialize in water damage remediation and can help you with: 

  • Water Clean Up
  • Sewage Clean Up
  • Biohazard Remediation 
  • Water Removal 

Many people do not consider all of the extensive damages floodings can cause. To start, floodwaters are rarely clean. They rush, churn, and move rapidly with strong currents, making them liable to sweep up debris, biohazards, and chemicals. For this reason, relying on professionals can keep you away from blackwater, which is not safe for human exposure. If your home were to suffer through a flood, SERVPRO can help you and focus on addressing: 

  • flood restoration
  • ceiling leaks 
  • water damage remediation 
  • sewage cleanup 

After removing flood water with wet/dry vacuums and extractors, SERVPRO can use other advanced technology to handle drying your property. When it comes to your home, it is our goal to leave you feeling happy and like your home is in its pre-flooded condition. Using devices like dehumidifiers, floor drying mats, and heaters, and the latest techniques, we can get your home one step closer. 

When your home is in need of flood damage mitigation, do not hesitate. Contact SERVPRO of South Orange County as soon as possible by dialing (407) 226-2621. We're here to help you!

Are In-House Cleaners Adequate Orlando Water Damage Restorers?

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

moisture detector SERVPRO utilizes the latest technology and equipment when it comes to commercial water restoration.

SERVPRO specializes in business water mitigation and remediation in Orlando

When your business is fully staffed, it is a relief, conferring independence from outside contracts. One mistake commonly made is relinquishing all cleaning chores to your housekeeping staff, even in cases where the task is beyond their training, experience, and equipment. Commercial water disasters need specialists' swift and intensive interventions as incompletely removed moisture sets in motion progressive deterioration and secondary damage.

Should SERVPRO Stand-In for Conventional Cleaning Squads after Water Incursion?

Orlando commercial water damage not only threatens structures. It also has the power to ruin businesses built over decades if you cannot deliver the goods and services your customers desire and deserve. SERVPRO focuses on water damage mitigation and remediation, ensuring our crews are:

Contact SERVPRO of South Orange County when water damage threatens your commercial property and business operations. A call to (407) 226-2621 ensures a seasoned and fully-equipped crew arrives promptly, poised to assess and plan for water disaster recovery.

Will Expert Stormwater Extraction Protect Lake Nona Residences?

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged kitchen, equipment running Storm damage to your home is very disheartening. SERVPRO has IICRC certified technicians and is ready 24/7 365 days a year.

SERVPRO uses industry best practices in all Lake Nona area flooding scenarios 

The powerful equipment and scalable crews arriving at your home after torrential rains and high winds can be as overwhelming as the storm itself. Speed and thoroughness are critical to removing the bulk of the rainwater and the unavoidable contaminants contained therein. Whether the property affected is vast or small and cozy, rapid extraction followed by comprehensive drying is the only way to ensure the structure's return to pre-disaster condition.

Is DIY Water Removal a Reasonable Choice after Storm Flooding?

Stormwater extraction in Lake Nona can be challenging without the training, experience, and appropriate tools possessed by SERVPRO crews. First, stormwater nearly always contains hazardous substances that can accelerate structural damage and imperil the health of your family. Second, exterior damage and the propensity of water to migrate into building cavities far from the source make it difficult to ensure complete water removal. SERVPRO crews:

  • Assess for water hazards
  • Consider and implement controlled demolition to release hidden water
  • Use sensitive moisture detectors and meters to trace perimeters of water incursion and establish baselines for drying goals
  • Operate commercial-grade truck-mounted and portable extractors to remove water fast
  • Contain and dispose of contaminated water safely per local rules

Place your confidence in the SERVPRO of South Orange County team after stormwater damages your home. Expect a prompt response once you call (407) 226-2621

Why Rely on Professional Flooding Removal in Orlando?

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

equipment, wall with flood cuts Storm damage restoration is a job for SERVPRO. No matter the amount of damage, SERVPRO has you covered.

SERVPRO is trained and equipped for Orlando area storm flooding recovery 

With all of the natural lakes, waterways, and wetlands in central Florida, it may come as a surprise that the City of Orlando planned and invested in a human-made installation called the Orlando Wetlands Park. Learning about the vision and mission of the Park allows an intriguing window into the ways society can rectify past ecological mistakes for the benefit of the land, water, animals, and people.

What Were the Pre-Development Characteristics of the Area Now Occupied by Orlando Wetlands Park?

Before intensive settlement and development, the land upon which the Orlando Wetlands Park stood as an integral part of the St. Johns River floodplain. Specifically, the land had the features of a wet prairie:

  • Treeless plains
  • Sparse to dense grasses and other herbaceous plants, including:
  • Wiregrass
  • Maidencane
  • Spikerush
  • Beakrush
  • Hatpins
  • Marsh pinks
  • Sundews
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • White-top sedge
  • Meadow beauty
  • Yellow-eyed grass
  • Wax myrtle
  • Pitcher plants
  • Tickseed
  • Panicums
  • Seasonal inundated or saturated with fresh water up to 100 days per year.
  • Suffered from fires every 2 to 4 years

How Did Settlement Affect the Area?

The Orlando Wetlands Park region saw significant non-Indigenous settlement starting in the late 1830s. Fort Christmas was built in 1837, and after the Civil War, the settlers commenced the draining of pre-existing wetlands for farming. Other uses included:

  • Cattle grazing in the early 20th century
  • Logging 
  • Pine tapping for turpentine
  • Dairy farming beginning in the 1940s

How Did the Orlando Area Handle Increasing Amounts of Wastewater?

As the Orlando region grew precipitously after the building of tourist venues in the 1960s and later, the United States, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stepped in with mandates to consolidate a range of wastewater treatment facilities. In 1979 The Iron Bridge Regional Water Reclamation Facility (Iron Bridge) was the first attempt by the City of Orlando to merge the various wastewater sources. Local waterways were overwhelmed by the effluent within five years.

What Was the Answer to the Increase in Wastewater in Orlando?

Orlando purchased 1,650 acres near Fort Christmas to create an engineered wetland to manage the wastewater crisis. A year after the 1986 purchase, 1,220 acres of the land formerly used as pasture was primed to treat the reclaimed water. Up to 35 million gallons of reclaimed water pumped 17 miles from Iron Bridge passes through 4-foot diameter pipes to three wetlands, including mixed and deep marches and hardwood and cypress swamp. The wetlands clear the reclaimed water of nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorus. From pumping to final release into the St. Johns River takes 30 to 40 days. In addition to cleaning the waste, the Orlando Wetlands Park has become a refuge for birds and other wildlife, 18 of which are considered threatened, protected or endangered. 

How Does SERVPRO Restore Your Flood Damaged Home?

Finding reliable Orlando flooding removal after storm damage is just as critical for your home as the Wetlands Park wastewater solution was for the city. SERVPRO stands ready to:

  • Secure external damage 
  • Assess and control flooding-caused safety hazards 
  • Consider controlled demolition to release fluids and permit effective structural drying.
  • Rapidly pump and extract flood water, containing and disposing of contaminated according to local regulations.
  • Clean up residues and debris
  • Disinfect and deodorize affected surfaces

Have confidence in the highly-trained and well-equipped crews from SERVPRO of South Orange County when storms threaten to destroy the integrity and comfort of your home. Call us at (407) 226-2621 for an immediate evaluation of storm and flood damage.

Help with Flood Damage Removal in Orlando

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

a huge puddle on tile floor Flooded home? Contact SERVPRO of South Orange County at (407) 226-2621 for water removal and flood damage remediation services.

SERVPRO Addresses Flooding in Orlando Homes

Cleaning up after a flood is different from cleaning up from a water leak. Floodwater is contaminated (category 3- black water) and needs careful handling to ensure safety for the homeowner and SERVPRO technicians.

SERVPRO understands flood removal processes in Orlando, including the use of appropriate chemical cleaning agents. Many cleaning agents work in other situations, but only specific types kill the numerous fungi and bacteria found in typical flooding situations.

Cleaning agents for flooding:

  • Phenolics: Made from coal tar derivatives or synthetics and is highly effective against many kinds of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. They can lose their strength over time, so technicians are sure to use recently produced phenolics.
  • Chlorines: Strong oxidizing agents that have low toxicity and are useful in flood situations. 
  • Quaternary Compounds: Ammonia is the most common type and is also very effective. 
  • Botanicals: Pleasant fragrance cleaning agent that incorporates thyme oil or citric acid and is still effective. 

After a flood, Contact SERVPRO of South Orange County at (407) 226-2621 for 24/7 assistance. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”