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We take pride in our Customer Satisfaction!!

1/29/2019 (Permalink)

General We take pride in our Customer Satisfaction!! Always Excellent!!

SERVPRO of South Orange County prides itself in always making sure the customer is happy with our work as well as being happy with the customer service we provided to them. Every one of our employees understand the importance of great customer service and strive to always do our best!

Very professional team arrived every day on time, and treated client with a great respect. Will recommend for sure.

-Blanca V.

Jake was astounding in his dedication to his work!

-Mary G.

Very Professional, helpful with answering questions and thoroughly testing & equipment layout.

-Judith R.

SERVPRO of South Orange County personnel instill confidence that they know what they are doing and have expertise and equipment to fix the problem.

-William F.

Whatever you charged isn’t enough! They are great!

-Joy W.

How Does Duct Cleaning Help?

1/28/2019 (Permalink)

A major factor in indoor air quality is inadequate ventilation. It should be noted that studies have shown almost half of the problems associated with poor indoor air quality are a result of poor ventilation. Therefore, attention has become focused on the need to clean the inside of the ventilation system.

How can this help?

  1. By reducing the contaminants in the environment Effective duct cleaning can remove most of the contaminants in the ventilation system.
  2. By reducing operating costs. Dirty ventilation systems are expensive ventilation systems. The restriction caused by dirt buildup inside the system increase the costs of operating the system.
  3. By reducing maintenance costs. Dirty ventilation systems will also increase floor, carpet, wall and ceiling cleaning. If the system is dirty, it will carry dirt into the indoor environment.

Your SERVPRO of South Orange County Professional will select the best method for cleaning your insureds’ duct system should the need arise. To ensure the ducts are professionally cleaned, use the professional source: SERVPRO of South Orange County!

When commercial emergency response is most important

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

The development of a thorough Emergency Response Profile (ERP) for a facility should include selecting service providers offering 24-hour emergency response whenever possible. The reasoning behind this goal is simple.

Consider this, a fire damage occurs in your facility at 12:01 a.m. Monday morning? Without a 24-hour emergency service provider available, you might have to wait until 8:00 a.m. or later just to begin your search for cleanup and restoration assistance. At best, maybe a provider would be able to arrive sometime shortly after 9:00 a.m. In that time, corrosive and odorous soot and the water used to extinguish the fire have begun to cause secondary damage to the structure and contents, complicating the cleanup process. In addition, your facility is not fully operational at the start of the business day, causing potential problems for tenants, customers and anyone depending on your facility being open.

Your SERVPRO of South Orange County Professional knows that a fire occurs somewhere in the somewhere in the U.S. every 18 seconds. But the only fire that really matters to you is the one that occurs in your building. Nearly four decades of experience have shown that emergency response and mitigation services can help reduce recovery costs and business

SERVPRO of South Orange County l is committed to 24-hour emergency response, including a dedication to SERVPROS’s 1-4-8 Service Response Guidelines. Under normal circumstances, a SERVPRO of South Orange County Professional will contact you or your facility representative within one hour of notice of loss to arrange for service. Within four hours, a trained, uniformed and fully-equipped technician will arrive to begin mitigation services, such as water extraction, to help prevent further damage to your assets. A detailed scope of the project will then be communicated to you or your chosen representative within eight business hours, enabling you to make faster, more informed decisions.

Make it a priority to select service providers who can deliver 24-hour service to help ensure your facility can recover quickly from potential perils. Contact SERVPRO of South Orange County (407)226-2621 P to learn more about fire and water cleanup and restoration services and for help in developing your ERP.


2/2/2017 (Permalink)

When a disaster strikes and it is time to call in emergency service providers capable of helping you get back into your facility faster and easier, will they be available? This question is vitally important for property managers wishing to prepare an Emergency Response Profile (ERP) suitable for handling real life situations.

Fire and water damages, for instance, never occur at convenient times. Consider the impact a sewer backup occurring at 1:00 a.m. would have on you, your tenants and customers. Unless a service provider offers 24-hour emergency service, there is little chance the facility will be fully operational the next business day.

Instead of tackling the cleanup immediately, you are then resigned to waiting until “normal business hours” just to contact a service provider. Such delays can be quite costly in terms of business interruption and the likelihood of secondary water damages to the facility.

SERVPRO, with over 35 years of service experience handling fire and water cleanup and restoration for the insurance industry, as well as directly for commercial and residential consumers, understands the urgency in responding to disaster situations as soon as possible. All SERVPRO of South Orange County Professionals are committed to providing 24-hour emergency fire and water cleanup and restoration services.

Under normal circumstances, a SERVPRO of South Orange County Professional is on-site at your facility within four hours of receiving your call. A uniformed, trained and well equipped technician can quickly assess the situation and begin emergency mitigation procedures to protect the facility and contents from secondary damages.

If you are considering developing an Emergency Response Profile for a facility, rely on service providers offering 24-hour emergency service. For assistance developing ERP, contact SERVPRO of South Orange County Professional (407)226-2621, who can provide you with advice and help you collect the information you will need should a disaster situation occur in your facility.

SERVICES we offer for protecting your most valuable asset, YOUR HOME -Orlando

4/21/2016 (Permalink)

  • Fire, Smoke, and Soot Clean up- Our knowledgeable fire team is trained to determine the type of fire that has taken place. This knowledge and training of identifying the type of smoked and behavior patterns is vital to proper restoration.
  • Water Removal and Dehumidification- Our IICRC trained water technicians will identify the source of water and develop a drying plan in order to minimize secondary damage.
  • Crime Scene, Biohazard and Vandalism Cleanup- Our bio technicians are trained to safely and effectively clean bio hazardous substances and proper disposal of waste according to all local and federal health regulations.
  • Mold Mitigation and Remediation- Our licensed staffed mold remediator will work to control and remediate mold contaminants while protecting the health and safety of you and your family.
  • Insurance Claims- Our very experienced and trained estimator will assist you thru the insurance process from start to finish. We understand the overwhelming feeling you may have dealing with the insurance thru this process and we are always here to help!

Your home is a reflection of you and makes an impression on all those who enter it.

You invest your time, energy and hard earned resources to maintain, protect and increase the value of your home.

When you need work done on your home, you should expect the very best service at a fair price.

SERVPRO of South Orange County is committed to providing TOP QUALITY services listed above and more for your entire home. Please call us at (407) 226-2621 with any questions or to schedule a consultation.